Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo 2012
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Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo

August 13 – 14, 2012
The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort, Irving, Texas

The Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is the first ever conference to focus exclusively on the Exadata platform.  Since Exadata is a relatively young product and is being enhanced at a rapid pace, it is difficult to get quality information in one place.  E4 will bring together a team of world-renowned experts that have been selected to present their findings and experience on this new platform.

E4 presents a unique platform where many of the presentations demonstrate the hands-on experience gained over the past two years working with mission critical applications in production environments.  The content for all sessions will be based on fact and experience as opposed to theory.  Presenters will pass along real-world experiences to better illustrate how Exadata is actually being used in the field.

Since seating will be limited at the venue, attendees will have ample opportunity for personal interaction with the speakers.  This may be the only occasion this year to connect with the brightest minds in the business in such an intimate setting.  Think of seeing the Rolling Stones in a 100-seat theater. However if you are stuck for time and unable to leave the office to attend in person we are also offering you the choice to view the conference virtually, ensuring you don't miss out on this unique opportunity! 

This is a unique opportunity to interact with real experts and real machines as opposed to watching PowerPoint presentations.  By meeting with the experts, you’ll learn more in a few days than you could in months on your own.  Most of the presenters have made their experiences public via blogs or other publications.  You’ll learn where to find this information, which will allow you to continue to build knowledge of Exadata even after you leave the conference. Key speakers at E4 will include the following Exadata experts: Maria Colgan, Jonathan Lewis, Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Tanel Põder

E4 is sponsored by Enkitec, the Exadata Experts

Your host is Enkitec, an I.T. services firm that specializes in the Oracle platform. Enkitec’s focus on Exadata has made the company one of the most respected in the field. Presenters include members of Enkitec’s team of database consultants who have been involved in more than 80 Exadata implementations worldwide along with experts from Oracle.

As a leading Oracle Platinum Partner, Enkitec traces its roots to 2004 when it was founded as an information technology services firm specializing in the Oracle platform. The company achieved a significant milestone in September 2011 with the addition of Enkitec Europe under the leadership of world-renowned Oracle performance specialist Tanel Põder. Enkitec continues to lead the industry in employing the most knowledgeable Oracle experts, database consultants averaging 15 years of Oracle experience.

The company’s fusion of development and database administration expertise allows Enkitec to step into large, complex environments and instantly make a positive impact. Services include: Oracle Database Administration, Oracle Application Development, business intelligence, technology stabilization, Enkitec education, and ongoing managed services for Oracle Systems. For more info, visit: www.enkitec.com. 

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For further information please contact the E4 Enkitec Events Team at info@enkitec.com

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