Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo 2012
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  • Keynote Speaker: Andrew Mendelsohn

    <strong>Keynote Speaker:</strong> Andrew Mendelsohn

    Andrew Mendelsohn is Senior Vice President for Database Server Technologies at Oracle. He is responsible for the development and product management of Oracle's family of database products, including software products such as Oracle Database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Oracle Berkeley DB, and Oracle NoSQL Database and engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

    Mr. Mendelsohn has been at Oracle since May 1984. He began his career at Oracle as a developer on Release 5.1 of Oracle Database. Prior to joining Oracle, he worked at HP and ESVEL.

    Mr. Mendelsohn holds a BSE in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University and performed graduate work in computer science at M.I.T.

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  • Andy Colvin

    Andy Colvin

    Andy launched his IT career in the late 1990s at an Oracle-centric company based in Dallas called Database Consultants (later renamed ThinkSpark). This provided the baseline for Andy’s technical pursuits working with Solaris, Linux, Windows, and various networking technologies.

    After leaving ThinkSpark in 2004 he consulted for a few years. In 2006 Andy rejoined Database Consultants’ founder, Kerry Osborne, at Enkitec. Since then he has become an expert consultant in the Oracle technology stack, including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance, RAC, Oracle Application Server (OHS and WebLogic), DataGuard, and Oracle Application Server products such as Oracle Enterprise Manager. He is a specialist in ASM, Linux, and Solaris. Most recently Andy has achieved Oracle ACE status and is a Certified Associate in Oracle Enterprise Linux Administrator.

    Follow Andy on Twitter and read his blog at Oracle-Ninja.

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  • Arup Nanda

    Arup Nanda

    Arup Nanda has been working exclusively as an Oracle DBA for the last 15 years, covering everything from performance tuning to disaster recovery. He is the global head of database architecture for a New York area multinational company. He has co-authored 4 books on Oracle database, written 300+ articles in many publications including Oracle Magazine and OTN, presented 150+ sessions at conferences like Oracle Open World and IOUG Collaborate, publishes a blog (arup.blogpsot.com), conducts training sessions, and builds tools for effective database administration. He is an Oracle ACE Director, a member of the OakTable Network, an editor for SELECT Journal - the publication of IOUG, and a member of the Board of Directors of Exadata SIG. In 2003, he was awarded The DBA of the Year by Oracle.

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  • Brad Peek

    Brad Peek

    Brad Peek is a Senior Director of technology at Targetbase.   Targetbase was an early adopter of the Exadata V2 platform.  At Targetbase, if it runs on Oracle it is on Exadata

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  • Cary Millsap

    Cary Millsap

    Cary Millsap has been part of the Oracle community since 1989. He is the founder and president of Method R Corporation, and is well known in the Oracle community as a speaker, educator, consultant, and writer. He wrote Optimizing Oracle Performance with industry colleague Jeff Holt, and co-authored Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table , a technical publication from Apress. Cary is also an architect of Method R software tools, which helps professionals around the world manage Oracle performance. You can follow Millsap on his blog at carymillsap.blogspot.com and on twitter at twitter.com/CaryMillsap.

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  • Doug Burns

    Doug Burns

    Doug Burns is an independent consultant with over 20 years experience of working with Oracle databases in a range of industries and applications. He has spent the last two years working on high-throughput production applications running on Exadata for an Investment Bank in London. As well as presenting regularly at User Group conferences, he has developed, taught, and edited performance-related courses for a number of different clients. He is a member of the OakTable Network and an Oracle ACE Director and maintains a popular blog at http://oracledoug.com.

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  • Frits Hoogland

    Frits Hoogland

    As an IT professional specializing in Oracle database performance and internals, Frits Hoogland makes frequent Oracle technical presentations in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Slovenia and the United States. He actively contributes to the Oracle community, especially Oracle Forums. In 2009 he received an Oracle ACE award from the Oracle Technology Network and a year later became an Oracle ACE Director. In 2010 he joined the OakTable Network. In addition to developing his Oracle expertise, Frits works with MySQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle's Application Server Suite, the Apache web server, and other relevant operating systems.

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  • Jim Viscusi

    Jim Viscusi

    Jim has been a member of Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) team for over 10 years focusing on highly available management solutions.  He's been involved for the last 3 years with designing, testing and implementing Oracle's management solutions for Exadata and other Engineered Systems.

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  • John Clarke

    John Clarke

    John Clarke is a Managing Partner and Practice Director for Centroid's Infrastructure Practice. He has more than 18 years of experience in technology consulting. The last 13 years John has primarily focused on Oracle Database Administration and Oracle infrastructure disciplines, while focusing on performance optimization, high availability, disaster recovery, and backup/recovery solutions in Oracle E-Business Suite environments. One of his key roles is running Centroid’s Exadata Center of Excellence, where he assists Oracle in configuring, implementing, optimizing and supporting engineered systems including Oracle’s Database Appliance. Prior to his 15 year tenure as a Centroid founding partner, John was previously employed by EDS where he focused on Oracle technical consulting. John holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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  • Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis

    Jonathan Lewis is a well-known figure in the Oracle world with more than 24 years experience using the software. He has published three books about Oracle – the most recent being “Oracle Core” published by Apress Nov 2011 – and contributed to three others. He runs a couple of websites and contributes fairly regularly to newsgroups, forums, and User Group magazines and events around the world.

    Jonathan has been self-employed for most of his time in the IT industry. For the last eighteen years he has specialised in short-term assignments, typically of a design, review, or trouble-shooting nature – often spending no more than two or three days on a client site to address problems. He runs seminars about using Oracle all over the world and has visited more than 50 different countries (and more than a dozen US states) to talk about, or trouble-shoot, Oracle systems. 


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  • Karen Morton

    Karen Morton

    Karen Morton is a developer, DBA, author, educator, consultant and expert Lego model builder. Having used Oracle since the early ’90s, she began teaching then, focusing on SQL query performance and the optimizer. When she’s not immersed in the latest novel on her Kindle, Karen writes her own books. She’s co-authored three from Apress: Beginning Oracle SQL, Expert Oracle Practices: Database Administration from the OakTable and Pro Oracle SQL. She is a frequent speaker at conferences/user groups, a member of the OakTable Network, and an Oracle ACE. As part of the Experts Panel for SearchOracle and AllThingsOracle, she answers questions about SQL Performance Optimization and beyond. Her credo - “Get the 'NO' but go for the 'YES'.”

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  • Karl Arao

    Karl Arao

    As a true believing Oracle Database consultant, Karl Arao is a proud Oracle nerd as well as a RedHat Certified Engineer. His specialized Oracle areas of interest include Exadata, Performance and Troubleshooting, RAC, Security, Virtualization, and most of all, mining the AWR and Capacity Planning. One of his prized possessions, which he loves more than his car, is his R&D server running on OEL UEK kernel with Intel 2nd gen Sandy Bridge, 8x1TB 7200 RPM SATA3 -shortstroked on 320GB vbox LVM stripe, next 320GB ASM,16GB mem having lots of VirtualBox VMs. Has been known to ask Starbucks baristas for "a half-caff Exadata half rack x2-2 split config with extra foam." When he's not busy with technology, Karl enjoys underwater hockey and mountaineering. Favorite saying: "Exadata whut?”.

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  • Kerry Osborne

    Kerry Osborne

    Kerry Osborne is co-author of Expert Oracle Exadata published by Apress in 2011. He began working with the first public release of Oracle (version 2) in 1982. For the past several years, he has been focusing on understanding Oracle internals and solving performance problems. He is an Oracle ACE Director and is a proud member of the OakTable Network.

    Mr. Osborne is also co-founder of Enkitec, an Oracle-focused consulting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Keep up with Kerry at his blog, kerryosborne.oracle-guy.com.


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  • Maria Colgan

    Maria Colgan

    Maria Colgan is a senior principal product manager at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company since version 7.3 was released in 1996. Maria's core responsibilities are the Oracle Optimizer and SQL tuning. Based on Maria's extensive experience in Oracle's Server Technology Performance Group - where she conducted competitive customer benchmarks and tuning sessions - Maria creates training classes and lectures on the Oracle Optimizer and the statistics that feed it. She is also a contributing author to the Oracle Optimizer blog http://blogs.oracle.com/optimizer.

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  • Peter Brink

    Peter Brink

    Peter Brink has 14 years of experience in developing applications on Oracle databases within the financial service industry and he focuses mainly on performance and capacity issues. He has spent the last year on a scalability program at an Investment Bank in London not using Exadata.

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  • Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson

    Randy Johnson is a principal consultant at Enkitec. He is co-author of the book, Expert Oracle Exadata, published by Apress in 2011. Randy has 20 years of experience with Oracle beginning with Oracle 7 during the early 1990s. Much of his career has combined Oracle database administration with Unix administration duties. Until recently, Randy's specialty has been configuration and management of Oracle RAC, ASM, and database backup & recovery. But that changed when Enkitec purchased an Exadata for their lab. Over the last two and a half years his attention has been focused exclusively on Exadata including 7 implementations and dozens of database migrations.

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  • Richard Foote

    Richard Foote

    Based in Canberra, Australia, Richard has been working in the IT industry for over 25 years, 15+ years with Oracle database technologies. In 1996, Richard joined Oracle Corporation as a DBA Specialist and Technical Trainer. In 2005, Richard was permanently employed by the Australian Government as a DBA specialist, supporting mission critical, large-scale Oracle databases. He regularly speaks at conferences and has presented at Oracle Open World, Collaborate, Hotsos Symposium, and Insync to name a few. Richard is an Oracle ACE Director, a member of the OakTable Network, and hosts a very well respected blog on Oracle Index Internals (richardfoote.wordpress.com). In 2011, Richard re-joined Oracle Corporation as a Technical Pre-sales Consultant.

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  • Steve Stratton

    Steve Stratton

    Steve Stratton is a Senior Applications Engineering at Intel with over 15 years in the computer industry.  He has focused for the last 10 years server systems for data centers, data bases, and high end computing.  His experience with silicon, system design, operating system, and software applications provide a unique perspective on the complete solution.  The last 2 years he has work with Oracle designing the Exdata platform around Intel’s processors, ethernet, and software.  He has a BSE in electrical engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and MBA from Arizona State University.

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  • Tanel P├Áder

    Tanel Põder

    Tanel Põder is one of the leading Oracle performance specialists in the world, solving complex database problems for customers in over 20 countries across five continents. He specializes in advanced Oracle performance tuning techniques, high-performance database design, and other complex Oracle Database technical pursuits. As an Oracle consultant Tanel has led Exadata projects around the globe starting from Exadata V1. Today he aggressively continues his research on Exadata internals and performance tuning. As one of the first Oracle Certified Masters in the world, Tanel is also an Oracle ACE Director and a member of the highly regarded OakTable Network.

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  • Tim Fox

    Tim Fox

    Tim Fox has been using Oracle since version 5 in 1989. At that time, the Oracle Forms version was 1.x and procedural code had not yet arrived. Since then Tim has been constantly involved in projects where some version of an Oracle database or development tool is being used. Tim has worked in corporate IT for the State of Indiana and The Associates, spent 10 years as a manager at Anderson Consulting/Accenture, and is currently the Director of Development at Enkitec.

    While at Enkitec, Tim has been an instrumental figure in development projects across dozens of companies and has greatly assisted in the uptake of Oracle Application Express. As a result, Fox is a frequent contributor to the Dallas Oracle User Group (DOUG), Oracle-sponsored Tech Days, and other regional user groups and conferences. In 2010, Tim became heavily involved in implementation and training related to Oracle’s Exadata database machine. Given his background in APEX development and his access to Enkitec’s Exadata machine, he has APEX 4 running directly on Exadata.

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  • Tyler Muth

    Tyler Muth

    Tyler is the Chief Database Engineer for Oracle Public Sector, specializing in Exadata performance. His primary focus is leading customer Proof Of Value (POV) or benchmarks on the Exadata platform.

    Tyler was one of the early developers to join the Application Express development team in 2000, where he worked for over 5 years developing a database centric development tool.  He has been a technical reviewer of several of Tom Kyte's books, served as a contributing author on asktom.oracle.com, and has managed a product system in zero-gravity.

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  • Werner de Gruyter

    Werner de Gruyter

    Werner has worked at Oracle for over 15 years, primarily with Enterprise Manager.  He is the lead author of the "Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Handbook" and the lead developer of the 'EMDig tools used extensively in the field for diagnosing and solving issues with Enterprise Manager.

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